Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shaw and white, DJ to as & DR oh him

The first thing that really grab my balls tonight my music all spheres
Was Simon lights,. I went to the sink bar to see Lytal shop. 

Simone White, was consistently transcendent in her form and content. She differentiated between the air and the bubble. Like how chicken was not a complicated thing for her. 

She opens with a poem by Mary Berocca, about the mastery of John Coltrane, which in her mouth became about the mastery of Berocca, which became about hers. At any rate it was up and tight. (which is what differentiates Coltrane from Garcia said Burba.)

then she said she would lie to Berocca, sitting on Whitman's asphodel. she took on the form of Leroi Jones, and it was Eerie.

she did a long poem that included three forays into work by different friends of mine, Anselm Berrigan, the award and Harloquin. She captures each in her own way and it was a beautifulfusion. 

And then Lytal shop but it is long and fantastical mystical nature piece about the moire effect, like sebald on acid. An extension of the fact which includes Rilke on the library and beyond, ending as a mountain climbing adventure tale With greenblatt as the worthy antagonist. 

Innoway it could not have been more different from Miss lights poetry, but also was a kind of perfect union balance.

Yin yang = union

After the reading that Leanne Brown and we talked about poetry floor and hour. It was amazing. She is another soulmate I am afraid. The freight of beauty yes.

She said she was putting on a play by Kevin and mentioned that I would be good as charles Olsen for John Cage. John Cage would be fantastic. I have been wanting to beat him one of Kevin's plays for 20 years now. 

I may be counting my whip. Before the P.

Then, because the night was a double feature I went to hear my friend Joel Davis record showcase, Black swans: Hi vibes. Low end.

DJ dress was playing and I had a vegan dinner, totally chill recharge, so good. One of my favorite beaches.

Ending the APAP at DROM. Dancing hard so good act 3.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Midsummer nights dream directed by Julie taymor

Amazing adaptation. Probably the best stage producer ever taking on one of the best place by the display right ever. Historical trial. Completely enchanting.

This first play ends with a pardon just like the end of the last play, the Tempest, does.

10 stars. And a personal milestone, Renewal Of love, dedication to art.